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Fitted cropped trousers with flared hem and front pleats in airy white ramie, featuring decorative bias strip of fabric hanging loose from knee and running up side seams and extending across hips, intersecting at center back and tapering off into straps which pass through slanted belt loops and cross to the front, forming waistband separating at waistline for a gape waist effect.


Ramie is a highly sustainable eco-friendly natural bast fiber traditionally grown in Asia for thousands of years, and may be one of the oldest fiber crops in the world. 


This is a sample garment. As such it is one-of-a-kind and may feature some signs of wear.

Sample size – fits small. Measurements on request – INFO@AZURALOVISA.COM


Handmade in London.

Pantai Flares

£445.00 Regular Price
£178.00Sale Price
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