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Azura Lovisa is a luxury slow fashion label rooted in storytelling, exploring hybridity and transcultural flows. Southeast Asian aesthetic traditions are interpreted via a Scandinavian design approach, crafting a contemporary mythology people can inhabit.


Drawing from her mixed Malaysian-Swedish heritage and influenced by her experience growing up in Miami, Azura Lovisa creates a modular wardrobe for international identities.


Committed to sustainability, ethical practice, and honouring traditional crafts and heritage, Azura Lovisa designs collections that are small, seasonless, and gender fluid. Garments are made with intention, featuring handwoven natural fabrics where marks of the maker are evident. It takes weeks to craft our natural fabrics using handlooms, and we only create as much as we need. Our Tussar silk is made from the silk of wild silkworms that are allowed to emerge from their cocoons, resulting in the characteristic irregular texture. The light and lustrous bamboo fabric is handwoven and hand-dyed, with a minimal environmental impact thanks to the resilient and fast-growing nature of bamboo. The core pieces are made from black organic cotton which is grown, harvested, spun, woven and dyed by a textile company with regenerative agricultural practices and community at the heart.


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