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Fitted bodice in chartreuse and black herringbone horsehair fabric and textured black sustainable cotton-hemp blend, with feminine contours and a decorative strip of chartreuse cotton along front seam and hanging loose to the hip.


The horsehair cloth is sourced from a traditional British mill which has been weaving horsehair fabrics since the 1800s, one of the last remaining companies in the world still weaving this rare fabric. Crafted from the incredibly strong natural waste fibre from cropped horse tails, the cloths are painstakingly handwoven in small quantities on original looms to create a beautiful and lustrous fabric that is durable, natural, easy to care for, and breathable. 


This is a sample garment. As such it is one-of-a-kind and may feature some signs of wear.

Sample size – fits small. Measurements on request – INFO@AZURALOVISA.COM


Handmade in London.

Cicak Bodice

£500.00 Regular Price
£150.00Sale Price
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