This exhibition introduced Azura Lovisa’s work to the public through a presentation of her most recent fashion collection, a film and photo campaign in collaboration with Elizabeth G. Lee – born out of the shared interest, as women of Southeast Asian heritage, in subverting the Orientalist gaze – as well as sculpture, collage, books, and material from Azura's family archive presented alongside written accounts by Azura’s mother. As an artist and designer, Azura imagines her fashion collections as chapters within a greater constellation of work, recognizing fashion’s unique particularity and proximity to individual self-construction.


Featuring work by Azura and a team of collaborators – accessories by Tanaporn Wongsa and Birgit Toke Tauka Frietman, set design by Sheridan Tjhung, photography and videography by Elizabeth G. Lee, and lookbook photos by Ana Larruy – the exhibition seeks to inhabit a space in the imagination which is simultaneously familiar, mythical, and pulsing with potentiality.


The viewer is situated in a space that acknowledges both the conscious fabrication of the imaginary as well as the sensory and emotional experience of it. The garments are suspended like apparitions within a composite memory palace, a space evocative of simultaneous displacement and familiarity.


‘Sayang’ means sweetheart, darling, to love in Bahasa Melayu.

A collaboration between Azura Lovisa and Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee satirizing the ethnographic gaze, the film features haunting figures that move, as if through a strangely choreographed dream, through ephemeral spaces and desolate landscapes that elicit a feeling of deep displacement. The eye lingers over the primordial swamp,  where civilization struggles to pull itself out of the mud and water and out of its own mythology.

Video from collection I : Re/Orient

Azura Lovisa is also proud to provide the wardrobe for rising jazz singer Charlotte Dos Santos


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