Sculptures in collaboration with Birgit Toke Tauka

Photography by Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee


Azura Lovisa creates slow fashion rooted in storytelling. Her third collection imagines a wardrobe inspired by days exploring the alpine tundra of Northern Sweden, hours drawn out by midnight sun.


‘Body as forum, Earth as form.’


The relations between ecosphere and ego-sphere. The unraveling of our selves into nature. Using the female form as a map, a destination we return to endlessly, shapes and seams follow, overlap, and imitate the silhouette of the body like shadows. Garments are rendered in colors picked from the tundra’s lichen-painted rocks. Airy white ramie; linen-hemp blends in lustrous copper and deep textured black; distinctive horsehair cloth in shimmering ivory stripes and green-and-black herringbone; shocks of orange and sulphurous chartreuse.


Evoking the states of action, rest, and awe that we cycle through on long journeys through beautiful landscapes, looks are designed as modular separates to be combined, built up, customized, and deconstructed in the way we shed layers or attach equipment during hikes. Garments are decorated with straps for hooking on hiking-inspired accessories: carabiners, compasses, pocket knives, carrying cases, and whistles hang on hardware decorated with lichen and moss picked from the tundra and forest.


In collaboration with sculptor Birgit Frietman, a series of wearable sculptures have been hand-carved in wood, whose organic shapes form a harmonious dialogue with the body and the garments.